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Why You Should Be Buying Used PCs Over New Ones – Facts And Benefits

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If you are set on purchasing a new gaming computer rather than constructing your own, searching for a good enough refurbished gaming PC is an alternative to think about which may very well be well worth it, and something that not everybody is familiar with. Refurbished gaming computers are typically returned to the manufacturer due to a number of reasons such as poor performance, a short life span due to a poor quality of product, or a malfunction with the original equipment. The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace defective products, so that it’s possible for the new purchaser to receive a comparable or better quality machine with a similar price tag. Some manufacturers will even allow a limited warranty period to their refurbished PCs; others will offer the full warranty coverage. Refurbished gaming notebooks, and netbooks from other manufacturers are often bought as a last-minute deal when they are being cleared out by a particular product type, but can still be quite reliable.

Refurbished Gaming PC Range

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Refurbished gaming PC prices have decreased substantially over time with the improvement in manufacturing technology. A couple of years ago, as being extremely expensive, with the cost ranging between a few hundred dollars up to five-thousand dollars, or even more. Today, with the advanced techniques and computer parts readily available, the prices are substantially lower. Refurbished us have become an excellent choice for anybody looking to save some money when shopping for a brand new gaming pc. This is particularly important if the machine is to be used mostly by an individual who does not wish to spend much money on a gaming PC.

An important consideration when purchasing a refurbished gaming computer, is how the new CPU, RAM, and graphics card will affect the speed and responsiveness of the system. Often times, purchasing an overclockable processor will improve the overall performance of the machine significantly, while simultaneously increasing the price. Overclocking the RAM and adding additional graphics cards can also raise the price significantly. While this might seem like a good idea initially, it will eventually result in increased expenses. In addition, the additional power and energy required to support these overclockable components could end up being completely unnecessary and might actually reduce the effectiveness of the overclocked component.

Benefits Of Refurbished Gaming PC

A desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk

Another major benefit of refurbished gaming computers, especially for gamers, is the lack of maintenance involved in the process. Refurbished PC hardware is simply disassembled and inspected, and any parts that may need to be replaced are replaced with the ones from the same manufacturer. All installation instructions are also included. This eliminates any need for technical assistance, saving the cost of having to employ such individuals.

Overclocking the AMD Athlon Processor is one of the most popular ways to increase the performance of a gaming PC. However, doing so can greatly increase the temperature of the system, potentially damaging the processor and its components. The manufacturers of these PCs provide a tool that allows users to overclock the AMD Athlon processors without voiding their warranty or running the risk of damaging their PC. The tool is called the Refurbished Gaming PC Engine. The only requirement for the use of the Engine is that the PC must already be configured to utilize my core speed.

The Best Way To Savings

The third major benefit to buying used PCs instead of new is the potential savings in terms of money. Most retailers sell PCs at a significant discount when compared to their new counterparts. When you factor in shipping costs, taxes, rebates, coupons and other charges, the saving could be substantial. Additionally, most manufacturers offer special deals and discounts for refurbished computers that offer warranties, support and extended warranties. In many cases, these warranties can be combined with purchase options to provide the best value for your money.

The fourth major benefit to purchasing a refurbished gaming PC is the increased performance of the CPU. Most brands of refurbished gaming PCs come equipped with a high-performance AMD Athlon processor. This will improve the processing speed and overall performance of your game play. However, it is important that you avoid buying older branded processors as they may have become obsolete with the increased frequency of newer models. If you are unsure whether an older model is worth the extra money, simply ask the retailer for advice.


Lastly, it is important to think about how the graphics cards on your AMD Athlon processors will affect your gaming experience. Graphics cards are very important for the smooth performance of your PC. If you buy a refurbished gaming PC that does not include graphics cards, you may need to buy this component separately. Without this component, your games may not be as smooth as you would like. Many of the leading graphic card manufacturers such as AMD and Asus offer separate cards that can be easily integrated into your computer.

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