What To Look For When Shopping For The Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard

A close up of a computer keyboard

With the best equipment around, a gamer can take his or her game to the next level. No matter what type of games you like playing, you need to make sure that your keyboard has all of the necessary components to give you the kind of feel that you want when you are playing.

The latest membrane keyboards have a lot of the features that you would expect from an elite gaming keyboard. These are sleek and stylish, with lighting options that go beyond traditional light effects. These are some exciting new editions of professional gaming keyboards who also come in the exciting category of most expensive gaming keyboard. However, not only costly but these keyboards also are known for their high quality and high performance.

The Serious Gamer

There are two different types of membrane keyboards available for the serious gamer. The first is the full-sized mechanical keyboard, which has an incredibly long full keyboard with plenty of space for keys to be able to rest. In terms of the membrane switches, Cherry MX is the most popular type used because of its tactile and audible response. Cherry MX provides a firm, linear response that is commonly found in professional gaming keyboards.

The second type of keyboard to consider is the full-sized hybrid keyboards. This is made up of two different types of switches. The first is the full-sized mechanical keyboards where you will find an incredibly long lasting mechanical switch with deep and strong springs. The other type of switch is the rubber dome shaped mechanical keypad that provides a nice tactile feel with a firmer response.

Durable And Stylish 

A close up of a keyboard

If you are looking for something more durable and stylish than the optical switches are an amazing choice. These switches are made out of light metal and glass. The optical part of the keyboard works with a laser to detect keystrokes and send the information to the computer. The laser is sensitive enough to distinguish between light and dark. Due to this sensitivity there is an incredible amount of reactivity to actions on the screen.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full sized keyboard the next best thing is an entry level keyboard. There are several full-sized mechanical keyboards available for the average user to use in their quest for the best gaming keyboard. One of the best features to pay attention to is build quality. Top quality products are made of solid heavy glass and are assembled using the highest quality joints. Glass with a steel frame can be extremely heavy, so make sure you get a product with a reasonable weight.

The Membrane Keyboard

The membrane keyboard is one of the oldest and most common forms of gaming experience. A membrane keyboard uses a membrane key switch for the majority of its function keys. The key switches are individual membrane plates that respond to light touch pressure or regular pressing with a normal keyboard key. 

This form of input allows the user to have more macro and programming capabilities without the need for extra keys. Because the key switches are made of membrane they are very responsive to finger pressure and provide a very crisp and tactile response.

Final Words

Finally be sure to check out if there are media keys or hotkeys included with your gaming keyboard. Media keys will allow you to control your sound volume, television, movie channel, microphone and much more through the multimedia keys. Hotkeys on the other hand are special key combinations that activate functions based on what is entered. For example, if you hold the Control key and the A key simultaneously you will see an Enter to display what key combination will execute the function. This feature can be extremely handy when working out at the gym or at a friend’s house.

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