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What Are The Best Keyboards For Gaming

best keyboard for gaming

A keyboard is considered to be a gaming peripheral when it performs the same functions that would be expected of a standard keyboard for regular use. The best gaming keyboard can provide the necessary inputs for competitive gaming. Some of these are the ten-key rollover, macro keys, USB ports, media keys and much more.

It is advisable to go in for gaming keyboards that have a laser-assisted mechanical composition, which means the actual keys are mechanical and respond in a way that they do in a typical desktop computer. This provides a more comfortable and natural feel to the user as there is no need to press on the keys every few seconds. With a Laser-assisted mechanical composition, the actual keys press with less pressure are produced and the response time is quicker too. In short, the gamer gets a better typing experience and a faster response time, thanks to these special functions of a Laser-assisted mechanical keyboard. Another feature of this type of keyboard is the extra macro keys that allows you to perform multiple functions within the limited space available on the keyboard.

The Standard Mechanical Composition Of Keys

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On the other hand, some keyboards use the standard mechanical composition of keys where the keys respond in a tactile manner. The response of the keys is often typified by a rubber stamping or a ticking sound that gives a tactile feeling. This is not only uncomfortable for the user but it also slows down the typifying process, which results in poor command input and poor overall efficiency. Many gamers prefer to use keyboards that use optical or laser-assisted tactile mechanisms so that they can get the tactile feel of the keys and the fast response times of the laser-assisted types.

However, some gamers might feel uncomfortable using some keyboards because of their light weight. Light weight of keyboards often makes it difficult to type with them at high stress points like when making long and rapid keystrokes. This is especially important for hardcore gaming since most marathon gaming requires you to type hundreds of words per hour. For this reason, the heavier a keyboard is, the harder it is to type and the more frequent you have to stop and restart typing to adjust your keyboard settings. With heavy-duty gaming keyboards however, you will not find this problem at all.

Built-In Macro Keys

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There are also some keyboards that offer added functionality, such as built-in macro keys, which are very useful for gamers. With built-in macro keys, you can launch several applications simultaneously or set macros for specific commands like hotkeys and auto-completion of words. But, do you know that some keyboards offer better backlighting? With backlighting, the colors of the keys are displayed darker than the regular keys so that you can easily see the characters on the screen even with the lighting at its brightest.

On the other hand, some gamers prefer optical switches for their keyboards. These types of switches provide the best backlighting and also provide more tactile feedback. Since there are no mechanical switches in an optical keyboard, these types of keyboards require more keys to be pressed than the regular ones. But although they may be a bit expensive, they are more comfortable than the traditional ones.

Backlighting And Tactile Feedback

But aside from its backlighting and tactile feedback, what’s most important in an ergonomic keyboard is its full-size that we have tested is the Gateron True Mechanical Keyboard 3. This keyboard has a larger travel distance than any other full-size that we’ve tested before. It offers mechanical levels of sensitivity and has over 50 key rollovers. In addition to those features, it has a large number of customizable key-switch and volume-slider combinations. You can even program your own macros with the software that comes with the Gateron True Mechanical Keyboard 3.

When you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard for gamers, it’s best to look for one that has a lot of and connectivity. Some of the keyboards that are equipped with more ports and connectors are perfect for those who play games that use more than one keyboard.


However, if you play a certain type of game that requires you to use only one device, then go for those keyboards that offer better connectivity like a USB connector or a Bluetooth. It’s best to read various reviews and check out some price comparisons online before you decide on purchasing a new keyboard so you know what features to look for. Remember that a good quality gaming keyboard is one that works well and offers you total comfort and ease when you use it.

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