Top Gaming Keyboard - What to Look For in a Top Gaming Keyboard -

Top Gaming Keyboard – What to Look For in a Top Gaming Keyboard

A close up of a computer keyboard

Top gaming keyboards are usually made from top quality materials. The higher-quality material used in the manufacturing process of these keyboards also means that they are usually more responsive and tactile. They also have classically large, smooth-to-the-touch key switches with fully programmable keys. Most of these keyboards have media controls, volume controls, track point, and many other functions that will come in very handy for gaming.

You might want to check the price first. There is no real secret on how much a keyboard is worth. What I would suggest is to just do a simple research online to check the price and specifications of the top gaming keyboard that you’re interested in. When it comes to pricing, these things always vary depending on the seller. So it is best that you find a seller with a good reputation and also get some feedback or comments from the public.

Check The Price First

A close up of a computer keyboard

If you want to save some money, then check the price first and then look for any extra keys or functionality you can get with it. One thing you can consider when checking the price is how often you plan on playing the computer games. For example, if it is just for leisure, then you don’t really need to pay for extra functions that you will rarely use.

Once you have found the perfect top gaming keyboard for your needs, then we can move on to the next step which is gameplay testing. This is where you test-drive the keyboard to see how responsive it is and also to see how easy it is to use and navigate through the keys. Gaming nowadays has evolved and there are so many different types of controls that players can use. Some prefer the normal WASD movement while there are others who prefer to use the right and left mouse buttons for everything. In addition, there are some who just use the spacebar as their primary control scheme.

Come With A Gaming Mouse

A close up of a computer keyboard

It is very important that you know the different kinds of gaming keyboards and their functions so that you can choose which one suits your budget and your needs. The best gaming keyboards usually come with a gaming mouse, so you may want to check that out first. The most common style of this kind of keyboard is the full size one, which is ideal for those who like to play for long hours. The full sized one allows the gamer to have more movement options and can fit in between the keys very comfortably.

Steelseries Apex 5 keyboard is considered as one of the most popular options in the market today. Most professional gamers prefer this model because it has a lot of built in features that they find very useful. The Apex series of keyboards comes with a complete set of gaming keys including the 8 responsive keys and 1 macro key. 

The Steelseries Apex keyboard

However, most of the professional gamers prefer the Steelseries Apex keyboard over the cheaper models because of its durability and accuracy. Although the cheap models are also very durable, the keys of these models are not as responsive so if you are using the keyboard for extended hours then it might be a good idea to invest in an expensive model.

If you want your keyboard to look good and have good portability then the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate is the perfect keyboard for you. Most gaming keyboards have some basic standard features like larger space for keys and a wider range of dead zones but the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate has some additional features which make it stand out. The keyboard has illumination under the keys, which makes it very easy for gamers to see what they are doing. Apart from that, the wrist rest adds comfort to your hands making them relaxed and ready for action.


The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate has mechanical key switches, which are very good to use for competitive gamers. These mechanical switches are very responsive to your finger and it gives you full control over them. Apart from that, the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate has some advanced programming keys which help to increase your productivity. The membrane switches make for a great keyboard and if you keep a regular maintenance schedule on it then you can expect to enjoy long years of good performance from this keyboard.

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