Tips For Buying A Cheap Gaming PC -

Tips For Buying A Cheap Gaming PC

cheap gaming pc

When you are looking for a cheap gaming PC, you need to consider some factors. Budget gaming PCs should be capable of playing all the latest games in high-definition and with good graphical settings at 1080p. Higher-end machines above $1000 also come with better, more powerful processors and graphic cards. Memory size is another factor that you should be considering before making the final purchase. Check how much RAM your machine has and what its maximum RAM capacity is before making a purchase.

Cheap Gaming PC

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There are two main alternatives to buying a cheap gaming pc: buying a desktop PC and buying a gaming laptop. Desktop computers have their pros and cons, but generally speaking, they are cheaper to buy and require a lot less maintenance and tweaking than laptops do. Laptops are portable and can be taken with you anywhere, but in terms of processing power and graphic capabilities, they are a lot less powerful than desktop towers.

You also need to decide whether you want a gaming pc tower or a full-sized desktop PC. The pc towers are available in three different designs: quad-core, dual-core and single core. Each of these has its own advantages, but if you need a lot of RAM and a powerful graphics card, you will probably be better off with a quad-core tower. If you only need a basic video card, then a dual-core will suffice.


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As far as pricing goes, you have a few options. Naturally, the cheapest gaming computers are made using older technology – by definition. The manufacturers of these low-end machines use older chips and motherboards. One downside is that you will need much more ram for this machine. Another option is to buy an older laptop which will still be very reliable and able to run the latest games.


When it comes to buying your best cheap gaming pc, you will have to consider a few other components besides the processor. For one thing, you will need more RAM. Remember that your total RAM requirements should include the graphics card, but you also need to factor in the memory of the computer. The minimum amount of memory you should get should be around 2 gigabytes, which will be adequate for basic gaming performance.

Graphics cards can vary from one manufacturer to another. When it comes to purchasing the best cheap gaming pc, you might want to consider getting a graphics card with either a Radeon or an Nvidia chip. Both brands produce quality graphics cards, which are a great upgrade for any gaming computer.

Important Component

Another important component to check when shopping for cheap gaming PC’s is the hard drive. Note that most pre-built pcs come with a standard-sized hard drive that is just not enough for all of your gaming needs. You will definitely want to get a faster hard drive in the future to accommodate bigger files and gaming videos. Check out the amount of hard drive space available on the card you are considering. Make sure you do not get one that is too small or too big for your computer. To find out which pre-built gaming PC’s come with enough space for the amount of games you plan on playing, simply look up the spec sheet for the particular model on the web.

Bottom Line

Getting an excellent processor is one of the most important steps you can take to build the best cheap gaming pc build. Generally, a quad-core i5-2500 will perform well, while a dual-core processor will give you a real competitive edge. Memory speed is also extremely important, so look for the recommended DIMMs on the manufacturer’s web site. The recommended size of the hard drive will vary according to the type of processor you go with, so ensure that you know the specs for your system before you purchase. There is no point in overloading your computer with too many files and slowing it down, so make sure you get a solid processor for your cheap gaming pc build.

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