The Best Gaming Headset For Your PC -

The Best Gaming Headset For Your PC

best gaming headset pc

Headphones are essential to help deliver a professional experience while playing online games. Many people prefer using wired headsets to eliminate any noise that may result from wires. However, wireless headset is now becoming more popular. This is because wireless headsets eliminate the need for clutter around your ears which can cause discomfort.

Finding The Best Gaming Headset Pc

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So how does one go about finding the best gaming headset pc that provides the ideal sound quality? Using a guide such as this is a good first step! Rather than overwhelming you by literally 47 different choices, provide you only with top rated microphones and headset to choose from, thus leaving you free to make your decision. The price range of each microphone and headset is usually between fifty and one hundred dollars and all promise excellent sound quality. It’s important to note however that most of the microphones available are not capable of delivering true surround sound.

A couple of microphones that consistently receive rave reviews are the Rythm Sense Prom Edition and Sennheiser GSP 302. The Rythm Sense Pro has a microphone array that consists of twelve microphones positioned around the head gear for greater sound quality. The microphone array is powered by a lithium-ion battery for long hours of sound clarity and a very long battery life. Some users have also reported a significant reduction in signal noises during intense game play.

Produced A Pair Of Headphones

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Sennheiser has also produced a pair of headphones that are one of the best gaming headset pc models. Their flagship product is the void or RGB. The void pro RGB has been equipped with a Noise-Canceling Mic that will reduce external noise and transmit your commands and conversations clearly. This headphone frequency response is one of a kind and is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for great sound quality.

Professional Grade Headsets : Sennheiser

If we were to recommend a manufacturer known for making professional grade headsets, it would be Sennheiser. Their other popular products such as theonic, Nuwave, and the eZee headphones are all top of the line devices that offer excellent sound quality coupled with superb build quality. The Avanti HD and the SE series are two more excellent headsets manufactured by Sennheiser. The Avanti HD is particularly popular amongst gamers because of its extreme noise reduction feature. The Avanti uses Steelseries’ unique 4800 OHM dynamic driver technologies to produce an extremely crisp and clear HD sound stage.

Final Words

With our final pair of contenders we find ourselves having to make a choice between the Gritty series and the Void Pro. Both headsets come with a good sound quality and the Gritty is slightly cheaper than the Void Pro but it does fall just short when it comes to the accessories that it comes equipped with. The void pro comes with a deluxe carrying case and the gritty has a nice five-way cable along with two ear buds and one microphone jack. Both headsets consist of a standard heart rate monitor, a microphone, a standard headphone jack, and a standard RCA cable.

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