Silent Gaming Keyboard - 4 Great Reasons To Get One - Silent Gaming Keyboard - 4 Great Reasons To Get One -

Silent Gaming Keyboard – 4 Great Reasons To Get One

silent gaming keyboard

This can be achieved with the best mechanical keyboards, especially the linear Cherry MX mechanical ones, highly popular among serious gamers because of their responsive smooth ticky response and minimal noise the keys create. They provide a very crisp and clear typing experience through its three fast keys and five soft sounding sound keys. This also offers a higher rapid-fire reaction as well as precise mid-press for optimum timing when playing.

Two Categories Of Keyboards

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With the above said advantages, it is really a must for hardcore gamers to have the above mentioned keyboard to ensure optimum performance. Among the various types available on the market, there are two main categories that include the standard and the streak. Both have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on individual usage. Standard keyboards usually come with the standard layout of five macro keys, a space bar, dedicated keys for the arrow keys and the windows keys, which function to provide a complete home menu to the users. For some, this might prove useful, but for others who prefer a different kind of layout such as those that provide additional functions like extra macro keys, the term key would be more preferable.

The next important feature is the rubber dome keypad. This rubber dome is extremely convenient to press and it comes with a high-contrast tactile design. Aside from that, it is also ergonomically designed to provide the utmost comfort to the user. Lastly, there is the facility to customize the whole keyboard with one-of-a-kind characters such as symbols and special characters. This feature provides a great improvement when it comes to strategic gaming and provides a much greater typing comfort to the users.

Silent Gaming Keyboards

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Silent gaming keyboards use genuine rubber dome recaps which are made of tempered steel. These keypads offer a higher level of firmness than standard keycaps, allowing the keys to be pressed without shifting from their original position. Apart from that, these keypads are also long-lasting and very durable due to the presence of metal rivets and stainless steel rivets on them.

Silent Mouse Keycaps

In addition to the aforementioned keycaps, Silent Mouse keycaps are also engineered with a double-sided noise reducing feature. Because of the shape of the keycap, the sound waves coming from the key pressed are transmitted via two sides unlike the regular shape of the caps where the sound waves are transmitted in one direction only. In order to enhance its function and productivity, the double-sided noise reducing feature is incorporated on each of these keycaps. It works by transmitting lower frequency noise from the key pressed to the headset and the high frequency noise from the computer keyboard.


Last but not the least, the Silent Mouse comes with a rubberized surface which can be removed and wiped off to reveal its metal plate. The plate is made of a flexible type of material which allows for a proper keycap removal without damaging the surface of your keyboard. The Silent Mouse also features a mechanical switch that has a spring-loaded cap for a firmer keystroke. In addition, this mechanical switch also makes for a quieter sound when pressed unlike most membrane or rubber-dome keyboards.

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