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Review of The Corsair Gaming Keyboard

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The Corsair Gaming Keyboard is probably one of the most popular gaming keyboards on the market today. The main reason for this is that it’s been created with gamers in mind. No other keyboard is as customizable as this one. You can completely alter the keys on this keyboard, making it truly unique. This is what makes this gaming keyboard so popular.

Corsair, however, is well known for their excellent mechanical keyboards, which employ top of the line mechanical key switches for the best of the best switches. One of the keys that makes a difference with many gaming keyboards is the wrist support. Many of these wrist supports are fully customizable. You can have your wrist supported in many different ways, depending on what you prefer.

Amount Of Customizable Options

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Another thing that sets the Corsair Gaming Keyboard apart from other models is the amount of customizable options it provides. All of the switches can be individually programmed to do any kind of macro you desire. If you need macro keys to make controlling your computer easier, then this is the keyboard for you. The amount of different options and customization you have is truly amazing.

One of the things people often enjoy about these types of keyboards is the ability to set up an awesome gaming setup. With two extra monitors, a graphics card, and a printer, it’s easy to create an awesome setup that makes your work go a lot quicker. The two extra monitors can be used for secondary display if necessary, while the graphic card will provide you with a constant source of video, and the printer will provide printing capabilities. These types of keyboards often come with two USB ports as well, providing an easy connection to other devices.

Managing Tasks Quickly 

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The four extra buttons on a Corsairs Gaming Keyboard are very useful for quickly doing many common tasks, such as controlling the game menu, highlighting a particular item, or clicking different functions. Although it has only four quick buttons, they can still serve their purpose very well. The two media keys below the media buttons can also be used to control the music in your gaming setup.

The high-grade wrist rest included with all Corsairs is extremely comfortable and the right height makes typing comfortable. These types of keyboards are incredibly durable, with a lifetime guarantee. The high-quality parts included in many corsair gaming keyboards ensure long lasting use. In the rare event that something should happen to your keyboard, the manufacturer will repair it or replace it free of charge.

Better Options In The Market 

Overall, the Corsair Gaming Keyboard is one of the better options on the market. It offers a great deal of benefits compared to other similar products in its price range. It features a quality wrist support, a decent backlit keys, and several levels of gaming sensitivity. These things come at a price though. The other big selling point of this keyboard is its support for all major brands of recording equipment.

If you want to get your hands on a top-quality gaming keyboard, the Corsair Gaming Keyboard from Omen has the extra features that make it stand out above the competition. For a reasonable price, you get top-notch durability, advanced wrist supports, and four extra buttons that can all be used for various functions. 


For the casual gamer, this keyboard can deliver all of these things at a great price. With a little bit of configuration, you can increase the number of commands you can give to your computer through the three major buttons, and there are still lots of additional functions that can be assigned through the various keys on the front of the keyboard.

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