Pros and Cons of a Gaming Headset For PC

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It’s essential when shopping for the perfect video game and gaming headset for PC that you do your homework on all your options. Headphones are a very personal choice, as there are many different types and brands available. The right one for you may depend on your budget, gaming needs, comfort and sound quality, as well as other factors. There are literally hundreds of options. Below is our best gaming headset for PC recommendation, covering some of the critical factors that will help you make an informed decision.

An Overview

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As with any electronics item, your budget will dictate what features and accessories come included, but there are several cheap alternatives if you’re looking to cut costs. The two most popular brand names in gaming headphones for PC are Logitech and AT&T. They have proven over time that they offer excellent audio quality, although they are a little on the expensive side. Our best recommendation is to go with one of these two brands rather than the others.

More expensive than many other headsets on the market, USB-C headsets provide an incredible gaming experience with their superior audio quality. While they generally cost more up front, the benefits of purchasing a USB-C model will far outweigh the initial expense. These devices use a standard sized male plug to connect to your computer, eliminating the need for an adapter. The advantage of using a USB-C headset over a typical wired headphone is that they don’t produce interference, which eliminates the need for extra cables. The cons, however, are that they tend to be smaller than typical wireless headsets, and most consumers aren’t willing to sacrifice audio quality for the small size.

Gaming Headset PC Pros And Cons

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Compatible with nearly every operating system, the Xbox One X provides a new level of interactivity for the player. But it’s not without its drawbacks. One major con is the lack of battery life. While the console provides a standard battery pack, the battery life is less than optimal, often lasting only an hour or two at most. Another con of the Xbox One X is that its processing speed is impaired by the slow processing speed of the x box, resulting in frequent crashes and screen freezes.

The PS4 is almost as powerful as the Xbox One, but it lacks the microphone which makes using the microphone on the Xbox one much more convenient. The Cons have many cons as well, including the inability to use the microphone while the screen is locked. Another major con of the PS4 is the lack of memory, which makes the console difficult to upgrade. The Cons do have a minor advantage in that they are cheaper than their competitors.

Most wireless gaming headsets come with a basic remote control, but most provide no other controls or features. If you’re going to use a PC based headset, you’ll probably need some type of speakers, like a set of rear speakers. Even then, the sound from the speakers can be muffled when they are being used near another device. These devices also tend to be fairly small and can’t offer great audio quality. Wireless devices are usually limited in the number of ports available.

Headphones with a wireless connection have a couple of advantages. They are more portable and easier to use, especially if you are on the go. They are less likely to suffer from poor sound quality or signal interference when you move around, meaning you get a more comfortable fit and more enjoyment from your games. Wireless headsets are more likely to suffer from interference if you play your games on a computer instead of a gaming console, which can cause significant interruptions to your game play.

Bottom Line

Wireless devices usually aren’t as robust as those designed for use with a PC. This means you need to make sure the headset for PC you choose has a good build quality and is compatible with the operating system you are using. If you are looking for a wireless device that has a great sound then the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The only con I can think of is that sometimes wireless devices can have difficulty receiving a signal when there is no direct line of sight between the player and the device. This problem is more common with gaming headsets than it is for other types.

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