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Casino Gaming Equipment For All the Best Games

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When people think of casino gaming equipment, they tend to picture sleek, gleaming pieces of machinery that take your money and give you nothing in return. That is not the case, however. Today’s casino gaming equipment comes in a variety of styles. From the humongous and ancient Blackjack tables that stretch and sway in the heat of the casino floor to the sleek and modern Poker Tables that give the ultimate hand-to-hand combat experience, the equipment available today is truly amazing.

Card Board

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First, let’s consider the humble and extremely popular Card Board (or Walled Board as it is also known). This casino gaming equipment can be found in almost every casino around the world. Its streamlined shape allows it to be stacked with a great number of cards. This enables players to gain a much more strategic advantage by having more cards on their table than their opponents. This also makes the Card Board a favorite among experienced casino gamers.

The Flat Board

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A variation of the CardBoard is the Flat Board which has a very sleek, low-profile design that adds a sophisticated and elegant touch. Many experienced casino gamers like the Flat Board for its solid construction and beautiful finish. Some even choose to display the Flat Board prominently above their betting tables so other players can see the layout and odds before placing bets.

Lopsided Jig

The next piece of equipment we will discuss is the Lopsided Jig. This is a very large table that makes it ideal for gaming larger groups of players. Often referred to as “Loosetted” or “Hoppers Tables,” these oversized tables are commonly found in high-end hotels, casinos, and other establishments where a large number of people are often in attendance. The Lopsided Jig comes with two regular playing surface areas, one of which has a raised lip for player interaction.

Bedouin Jig

The final piece of casino gaming equipment we will discuss is the Bedouin Jig. These devices are designed to simulate a naturally occurring furnishing, the wicker lounger. In many cases, these devices are manufactured with an Ottoman attached to the lower back of the unit. Most commonly, these are used as a way to provide extra seating in a large room where it might otherwise be impossible to squeeze into a single seat.


As you can see, these three casino gaming equipment pieces are very useful. If you want to ensure that you always have the best equipment available at all times, you should invest in the best equipment you can afford. It is very important that you thoroughly inspect any equipment you buy, so make sure that you are comfortable with the quality of your purchase before purchasing it. A better quality one will last longer and you can have a great ride with it. Do not compromise on the quality of the equipment for the price as you will have a good return on investment later.

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